NJAR®- How to Become a Member of NJAR®
How to Become a Member of NJAR®

The New Jersey Association of REALTORS® is a non-profit organization serving the professional needs of approximately 41,000 REALTOR® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® members in the state. REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark which may be used only by real estate professionals who subscribe to the REALTOR® organization's strict Code of Ethics and are members of the national, state and local REALTOR® organizations.

Membership in the REALTOR® organization begins at a local board/association of REALTORS® and automatically extends to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and New Jersey Association of REALTORS® (NJAR®). Real estate licensees can contact one of the 22 local boards/associations in New Jersey to learn more about the membership process. You can also learn about obtaining a real estate license in NJ. Each member receives a membership card and nine-digit National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS) number upon joining the Association. NRDS numbers are used to access member benefits, such as member-only content on this site, the NJAR® Online Forms product, purchases from the NAR Store, and more. Once you have joined the REALTOR® organization, NJAR® offers many member benefits including legislative and regulatory advocacy, forms, New Jersey REALTOR® magazine, the Week in Review and the Triple Play REALTOR® Convention and Trade Expo.


Thinking about becoming a REALTOR®, but not sure what that entails?  What are the benefits? NJAR® has compiled the top 10 reasons why becoming REALTOR® is a great career choice.

Why you should BECOME a REALTOR®

1. In most cases, REALTORS® are self-employed. That means you control your own destiny!

2. The New Jersey market is not only steadying, but in some areas, activity is increasing –good news for REALTORS®.

3. REALTORS® make their own schedule – you can be as busy or as flexible as needed.

4. REALTORS® are out in the field, which makes for an exciting work environment.

5. REALTORS® get to meet and network with great people on a daily basis.

6. Real estate shows are becoming extremely popular. Why not become part of the latest reality trend?

7. In an economy such as the one we’re living in, REALTORS® can be at ease knowing their job is secure.

8. A REALTOR® doesn’t have a salary – their income potential is limitless.

9. REALTORS® aren’t stuck behind a desk all day – they get to go out and enjoy their surroundings instead of being tied up in an office all day.

10. REALTORS® help people achieve their dream of homeownership – what a reward.


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